Our Standards & Values

Business & Personal Standards

7.Competence & Due Care



Win-Win or no deal

Integrity do the right thing

Commitment, in all things

Communication seek first to understand

Creativity ideas before results

Customers always come first

Teamwork together everyone achieves more

Trust begins with honesty

Success results through people



Service Values

1.I will always be straightforward and honest with my clients, other agents and colleagues.
2.I will be consistent in my actions
3.I will have regard to the facts each situation and consider all relevant information when making decisions
4.I will not allow bias, self-interest or personal gain to override the interests of my clients
5.I will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and ethical standards
6.I will seek to maintain and enhance my skills, knowledge and experiences
7.I will always behave in a professional manner and treat others with dignity
8.I will ensure the confidentiality of information acquired during any and all business transactions
9.I will be open to new ideas, information and suggestions
10.I will own my mistakes and take immediate corrective action
11.I will build strong relationships and create clients for life
12.I will be responsive to the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of my clients.
13.I am empowered to create a great experience for my clients.  


Dawn Coyne Trimble

Dawn Coyne Trimble